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Bend Dog Daycare: Welcome, Thor!

Meet Thor! It’s his first day and we are already in love. He played so much this morning he had to take a nap!

What do we do with all our first-timers and all our other dogs in Bend?

With our 4,000 square feet of indoor Tenderfoot matting and 1,000 square feet of outdoor space, Dancin’ Woofs provides a caring, loving, mature staff are extensively trained, and are Certified Pet Care Technicians with ABKA. We are Central Oregon’s leading dog training expert and canine behaviorist on staff and have a 5-star rating for risk management by OSHA representative. The health and safety of our playroom, facility, and staff practices are exemplary in our field and dogs are supervised 100% of the time. For more on our Bend dog daycare, give Dancin’ Woofs a call!


Bend Pet Sitting: Buckaroo’s First Day


Bend Pet Sitting: Buckaroo’s First Day

We’re so happy you can join us today, Buckaroo! He spent the day playing with his new friends and enjoying the fun, new environment.

At Dancin’ Woofs, we strive to give your dog an environment where they can socialize with other pups and feel safe. When your dog visits us on a regular basis, they get to know their new puppy pals. This is incredibly healthy for your dog, as this reduces the stress of meeting unfamiliar dogs while out on walks. For more information on our puppy day care and Bend pet sitting, contact us today!


Holiday Doggie Day Care in Bend

Dancin’ Woofs is super happy and excited about doggie day care in Bend during the holiday season. What’s new, you ask?


Glad you asked! Around Thanksgiving, first we played, and then we gave thanks, and then we rested. Bogie and Elsa had their first time at Dancin’ Woofs this past week, and Monday play was a ton of fun. We hope you all had a fun and safe holiday, and we’re looking forward to the ones to come. With the deepest gratitude to everyone and to all of our amazing people and canines: We are truly blessed and honored every day to get a chance to play with and love your dogs in Bend.

From all of us at Dancin’ Woofs Compassionate Dog Training and Daycare in Bend Oregon, there is nothing more we could ask for in an amazing group of clients both human & K-9. Thank you for being part of our passion!


Dog Sitting in Bend: A Little Snow Doesn’t Stop the Fun


A little bit of snow doesn’t stop the fun at Dancin’ Woofs dog daycare in Bend Oregon!

We love watching all the dogs have fun in the snow. Keep in mind, as the winter months go by, that ice and snow can be damaging and hurtful to your dog’s paws. For the best winter-proofing, be aware of de-icers or other sidewalk protectants. One good solution is winter dog boots, which you can find at many pet stores or some stores online might sell them.

In all, Dancin’ Woofs dog daycare center cares about your dog, especially in the winter. Don’t let these possible dangers preventing you from going outside and having fun with your pup!


Dog Sitting in Bend: HOWL-oween

What’s the best part of dog sitting in Bend Oregon?

The quick answer: this.

We had such a fun time at our HOWL-oween event at Dancin’ Woofs, where we dressed up some of the dogs and have a good time. To see the rest of the photos, check out our Facebook page!


Dog Cleaning in Bend: SO Happy!

Dog cleaning in Bend: A clean dog is a happy dog! Take a look at Jax’s before and after and just tell us that he isn’t the sweetest dog around.

At Dancin’ Woofs in Bend, we care about your dog just as much as you do. We make sure they are socializing and having fun in a happy, clean environment. Contact us about our dog cleaning services in Bend today!


Bend Dog Daycare: Looks Like Fun!

We know you’ll love this.


Our Bend dog daycare loves taking pictures of our favorite pooches! And here’s the secret: they’re ALL our favorites.

Really. Dancin’ Woofs in Bend Oregon knows that your dogs are like your kids, so that means they’re like OUR kids too. We even wipe those little boogers from their noses at no extra charge.

So whether it’s a one time deal or a regular visit, our Bend dog daycare knows how important dog-sitting is. It means being caring, loving, and knowing exactly what the dogs need and how much fun they can have while they’re here. Your children (er, dogs) make good friends that last a lifetime while they’re at Dancin’ Woofs in Bend, so you can already feel comfortable knowing they’re in good hands.


Bend Pet Sitting: Dancin’ Woofs

Need a sitter for your furry friend? Dancin’ Woofs has got you covered.

At Dancin’ Woofs we provide the best environment in Bend for your dog or furry friend to feel safe and socialize with other dogs. Our environment is a result of dogs getting to know each other during repeated visits in Bend Oregon. This occurs by reducing the stress of meeting new and unfamiliar dogs every day, which is no different from the increased comfort level you feel once you become more familiar with new friends.

For more information on Dancin’ Woofs pet sitting in Bend, Oregon, contact us today!


Behavior Counseling for your Dogs: Dancin’ Woofs

Is your furry friend in need of some extra behavior counseling? Dancin’ Woofs in Bend, Oregon does private training sessions for you and your dog.

Our individual attention allows us to move faster through understanding skills and create a customized program for you and your dog’s needs in Bend, Oregon. We can immediately address where to start and customize homework so you’re able to get the most out of our sessions. Behavior Counseling Dogs have complex behaviors and diverse learning styles. Whatever the problems are, Dancin’ Woofs can offer solutions. Bottom line: don’t give up, many behaviors can be changed with deeper understanding, time, and patience. Please call for your appointment in Bend, Oregon today.


Bend Oregon Dog Training: Dancin’ Woofs

So what can you expect from a Dancin’ Woofs dog training class in Bend? 

We’re excited to start your dog training in Bend! Here’s what you should expect before you walk into your first class:

  • Wear comfortable clothing. It allows you and your dog to get down on the floor together. Chairs will be provided if it is difficult for you to work on the floor.
  • Rubber-soled shoes work best, especially if they’re covered.
  • A leash: 6-foot leather or nylon. Comfort in your hand is a must.
  • Training collar: A nylon martingale or limited slip collar works.

Basic Dog Training in Bend is the Beginning

…to a long and healthy relationship with your dog! A basic class is the foundation to providing your dog with life skills. I compare it to elementary school. Real life is full of endless distractions. A large variety of diverse, new and interesting things greet your dogs every time they go outdoors. Most dogs need continued education up to a high school level. Continuing your dog’s education in an intermediate class will help to build and refine basic skills with increased distractions and duration. Our goal at Dancin’ Woofs is for your well-trained dog to be welcomed everywhere.

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