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Dancin’ Woofs Solutions: Dog Aggression

This is Buddy and Bentley, and don’t worry, they’re best friends at Dancin’ Woofs. This is a photo of them playing and interacting in a fun and healthy way!

If you own a dog who is prone to aggression, however, it’s hard to capture moments like this one, especially in the interaction of other dogs or even humans. When it comes to behavior modification, it’s best to address the issues as soon as you notice them. Each dog is unique and needs to be evaluated so that solutions can be found as soon as possible. At Dancin’ Woofs, we know that this makes all the difference in the world. If you’d like to schedule a one-on-one session or class session with Dancin’ Woofs, give us a call today!


Bend Dog Behavior: Dancin’ Woofs

Whether you’ve just welcomed a new puppy into your home or you’re adopting an older dog, Dancin’ Woofs offers counseling for destructive behavior and bad manners. Our house training classes offers a different perspective when your pooch suffers from separation anxiety, excessive barking, or even a lack of confidence.

We take the time to get to know every dog that walks through our doors. We love working with your dogs in Bend and hope to see you in soon!


Dog Sitting in Bend: Welcome, Max!

The tall great dane is “Max”, he decided to join our pups at Dancin’ Woofs a couple days a week. Welcome, Max!



Intermediate Companionship Class for Dogs in Bend


Have you tried our Intermediate Companionship Class for dogs in Bend, Oregon? Once you finish your basic class, it’s time to learn more skills that apply to life situations. These include learning words, behaviors, and manners as well as increased distance, distractions, and duration, working off-leash, and impulse control. See our Intermediate Class for more information on what your pup is going to learn.


Dog Boarding in Bend: Dancin’ Woofs!

A huge hello from the Dancin’ Woofs gang!


Although not every dog here boards with us, but look at all these beautiful faces today! We’re lovin’ it. Have a happy week, everyone.


Real Lessons from a Bend Dog Daycare

Here’s the best lesson we can teach you this week:

The more you know from our Bend dog daycare!


Dancin’ Woofs: Your Ultimate Pet Resort in Bend


Happiest of Happy New Year to each and everyone of our Dancin’ Woofs clients, friends, fans, and family. We love and appreciate every one of you. Thanks for making 2014 so great, we’re all looking forward to an amazing 2015.

With much love and gratitude,



Dogs Play in Bend While Santa Watches


Hey, Bono, remember, Santa’s watching!

We’re having such a fun week at Dancin’ Woofs. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone in our dog daycare and dog training classes in Bend for everything this year! We love taking care of your furry children and consider them one of our own. So, Merry Christmas and happy howl-idays from everyone at Dancin’ Woofs!


Bend Dog Daycare: Welcome, Thor!

Meet Thor! It’s his first day and we are already in love. He played so much this morning he had to take a nap!

What do we do with all our first-timers and all our other dogs in Bend?

With our 4,000 square feet of indoor Tenderfoot matting and 1,000 square feet of outdoor space, Dancin’ Woofs provides a caring, loving, mature staff are extensively trained, and are Certified Pet Care Technicians with ABKA. We are Central Oregon’s leading dog training expert and canine behaviorist on staff and have a 5-star rating for risk management by OSHA representative. The health and safety of our playroom, facility, and staff practices are exemplary in our field and dogs are supervised 100% of the time. For more on our Bend dog daycare, give Dancin’ Woofs a call!


Bend Pet Sitting: Buckaroo’s First Day


Bend Pet Sitting: Buckaroo’s First Day

We’re so happy you can join us today, Buckaroo! He spent the day playing with his new friends and enjoying the fun, new environment.

At Dancin’ Woofs, we strive to give your dog an environment where they can socialize with other pups and feel safe. When your dog visits us on a regular basis, they get to know their new puppy pals. This is incredibly healthy for your dog, as this reduces the stress of meeting unfamiliar dogs while out on walks. For more information on our puppy day care and Bend pet sitting, contact us today!

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